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Cartoonists support Ali Ferzat

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A renowned political cartoonist from Syria, Ali Ferzat, was attacked on the way home from work. The thugs beat him viciously and broke his hands. According to the Washington Post, a tweet written right after the event said,

“According to Ali Ferzat’s son, those who beat him told him they were doing so to teach him not to draw against his masters.”

Ali Ferzat after being beaten. source: ali-ferzat

In light of this horrible event, the Washington Post’s Comic Riffs put out an open call to cartoonists: “Now is the time for the brethren of the drawing board to pick up their pens and paintbrushes and digital pads in support of Ali Ferzat.” Many cartoonists starting submitting their work and in just a few days, over 1000 Ferzats were received.  Comic Riffs featured the best eight.

Taiwan animation house. source: NMAworldedition on youtube

Matt Wuerker at Politico


Bill Day at Cagle Cartoons


Sherif Arafa at Alittihad newspaper


Nate Beeler at Washington Examiner


Tjeerd Royaards at Cartoon Movement


Giacomo Cardelli at Cartoon Movement


Rick Mckee at Augusta Chronicle


Ferzat at his gallery in Damascus sometime last year. source:George Baghdadi at CBS


Written by jenniferloftis

September 6, 2011 at 10:01 am

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  1. […] Today, protesters in New York City are in their 4th week of demonstrations for Occupy Wall Street. A couple of weeks ago, I was hoping to post some protest art but I was surprised to find little more than homemade signs. A sharpie on some cardboard can’t compare to some of the amazing protest art from Libya and that which supports Ali Ferzat. […]

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