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What about OWS protest art

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Today, protesters in New York City are in their 4th week of demonstrations for Occupy Wall Street. A couple of weeks ago, I was hoping to post some protest art but I was surprised to find little more than homemade signs. A sharpie on some cardboard can’t compare to some of the amazing protest art from Libya and that which supports Ali Ferzat.

I guess someone else noticed the lack of art for the nation-wide protests. Occupy Wall Street just put out a call to artists. Until those amazing works of art are released online, enjoy these. I threw in some reactionary art too and the new york guy that paints naked bodies. See the video at on the huffington post

by Molly Crabapple, a downloadable, printable, stencil-able, remixable poster. source: boingboing

source: townhall

By Matt Huynh. source: lostateminer

by Nate Beeler. source: wnd

source: thelens

by Dials. source: tobytoons

By Adbusters. source: inthesetimes

by Keith Tucker. source: cartoonstock

source: texasliberal

source: gothamist

by Erin Konsmo. source: indiancountrytoday

by coalition for a new villiage hospital. source: dnainfo

by Clay Jones. source: fredricksberg

by Eric Drooker from The New Yorker. source: comicalliance


Written by jenniferloftis

October 10, 2011 at 11:32 am

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