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Artists aren’t all starving these days. Nor are we all sleeping in hallways, busking for food and hitchhiking to the next artsy town looking for our big break.

by Mike Milo. source: milowerx

In fact, we’re living pretty well. The National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) writes in a recent study that the median salary for artists is $43,000, compared to $39,000 for the averaged labor force. As you might suspect, architects come out on top at around $63,000. And entertainers? Well, less than a starting teachers’ salary in S. Dakota. Sad.

Sugamo Shinkin Bank in Tokyo. source: de zeen
After all, architects have the banks hiring them. And I’m betting that this Tokyo-based french designer, Emmanuelle Moureaux makes a hell of a lot more than $63,000

35% of artists are self-employed, we’re 3 times more likely to work from home, and despite our stereotypical reputation, we are just as likely to marry as everyone else, writes the huffington post.

Alphonse Mucha. Ballet studies. Paris, 1900. source: artbrutist
So much for the timeless notion of the artist and their muse

It’s no surprise that artists are abundantly gathered in places like New York and California. We’re also in Michigan for industrial design, Vermont for graphic design and Minneapolis for writing and publishing.

In the future, however, you may see artists spreading out. It’s easy as pie to post our stuff online. Businesses can find exactly the kind of artist they want by scrolling through a few pages of thumbnail pictures. Websites like behance, artspan, absolutearts and saatchionline provide artists with a great way to be seen by anyone in the world who is looking.

And while we are being seen and making our decent living wage, we can do some traveling, pick up a new hobby and eat all the dijon ketchup we want.


Written by jenniferloftis

November 10, 2011 at 9:37 am

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