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Punk and steam

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As I was posting some of Jon Foster’s work, I noticed that one of the paintings took on an obvious Alphonse Mucha style, now called Art Nouveau.

Jon Foster

And here are a few by Alphonse Mucha. I am a huge fan, but more on that in a future post.

I also noticed a theme in Jon Foster’s work, aside from the obvious one of fantasy. Steampunk. At the last art fair I showed in, there were a few people walking around in leather vests, top hats, and lots of dull copper and silver things attached to them such as aviator goggles, pins on their breasts, and watches and jewelry made out of cogs and other seemingly working metal parts.

Some guy with a top hat said that he designs steampunk accessories and gadgets to sell. It was an interesting conversation and it left me curious about the beginnings of this style.

The term emerged in 1987 when science fiction writer, K.W. Jeter wrote to Locus magazine stating that they need a word to refer to their genre of writing; a word that is based on the appropriate technology of the Victorian era in which their sci-fi is set.

Steampunk fiction has grown in popularity since then. It trickled through the lines of fiction, combined itself with art nouveau, and now has permeated art and entertainment. And Foster’s work is no exception.

Jon Foster

Jon Foster

Jon Foster

Here are some other places you may have seen steampunk.


The offices of the San Francisco game company, Three Ring Design.

This Massachusetts home, built in 1901, was modified by the owners into a steampunk heaven.
via weburbanist

Andrea Cremer’s new steampunk novel via bookrants


And as far as steampunk gadgets are concerned… I’m finding myself quite fond of some of these.






And last but not least, this motorcycle is my all time favorite steampunk item. But I seriously doubt the owner would sell it, even if I threw in my Yamaha to try and close the deal.



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July 12, 2012 at 3:47 pm

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