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Liberation in progress

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I finally finished the Liberation series of paintings that I’ve been working on all last month. I’m was excited to have them up at the art fair last Saturday! I thought I’d give you some insight on the progress of this particular style. And as soon as I learn how to speed up and splice videos, then I will do a progress video instead of just photos

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First, I painted a 16×20 stretched canvas gold. Then I drew and painted on some kind of flower arrangement and a celtic knot design. I watered down the acrylics and painted watery strips along the length of the canvas. I then painted swirls in black and rust. Then I covered the whole canvas with an acrylic medium that contains glass beads. Once that is all dry, I painted more watery strips, added a sun and last of all, drew and painted the beautiful silhouette in black acrylic. I thoroughly enjoyed painting these series. Buy lots of them so I have a reason to keep painting unique silhouettes! jenniferloftisart.etsy.com


Written by jenniferloftis

October 10, 2012 at 6:33 am

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