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Calling all artists

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If claustrophobic spaces inspire you to create, then the Keret House, named after the writer, Etgar Keret, is the place you need to be this fall. Architect Jakub Szczesny designed and constructed this 5-foot-wide house in the tiny space between post-war and pre-war buildings in Warsaw, Poland. Shortly after completion, the house was donated to the Foundation of Polish Art and has been classified as an art installation.

© Polish Modern Art Foundation / Photo by Bartek Warzecha

Now you, the artist, can apply to live in these tiny halls for 21 days to create something beautiful. Maybe it’s all about experiencing your inner child. Ya know, the part of you that’s scared to death of tiny spaces. The part of you that breathes faster when air is scarce.

Etgar Keret in Keret House.
© Polish Modern Art Foundation / Photo by Bartek Warzecha

Etgar Keret in Keret House.
© Polish Modern Art Foundation / Photo by Bartek Warzecha

My paintings would take a dark turn, that I know for sure. And can you even get it on with that small mattress? How can an artist be inspired without sex? I’m just saying.

© Polish Modern Art Foundation / Photo by Bartek Warzecha
source: artinfo


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August 24, 2013 at 3:32 pm

Blu’s got central europe

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On Narodni street in Prague, there was a wonderful mural by Blu just a few blocks from where I lived for a month. I loved walking by that painting everyday. It’s called Gaza Strip and it was painted in 2008 during the Names Festival.

Gaza Strip by Blu. source: panoramio

Gaza Strip by Blu. source: flickr

Blu recently did a new piece in Warsaw, Poland, which is almost as fantastic.

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February 4, 2012 at 7:33 pm

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